Ghana Traditional Waist Bead or Waist Trainer Transparent Orange

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Ghana Traditional Waist Bead or Waist Trainer

Our ready-to-wear adjustable waistbeads or weight trainer with a modern twist are strung the traditional way with long lasting thread

Adjust your traditional waist bead  with a permanent knot (you will adjust it down yourself to your desired waist size).  Once adusted and tied on your waist, they will remain in place with normal activity.  Waist beads are a great way to determine if your efforts of lossing weight are successful becasue as weight is lost, the beads will become losser. In this case you can untie and retied to a comfortable size.

One size fits most by adjusting the lengh by removing excess beads and tie to a comfortable size. Not intended for children. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES on waist beads

Price is for a single waist bead

Waist Beads are worn for various reason including the celebration of womanhood, fertility and now as a way to measure weighloss success or clothing your body with jewerly.  Feel free to contact us for a walk through on how to apply the beads.


sizes: One size fits most

Material: beads and thread

Lenth: 52 inches 

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