Sharing Our Customers

Sharing Our Customers

Mariatu on 21st Mar 2020

Reasons our love our customers

1. Helping Our Clients is Our priority, they make our day every day

ME2 Designs founder Mariatu Kargbo visited her homeland of Sierra Leone West Africa after 26 years of living in the United States. Amazed by the talent, and especially compelled by the beautiful and familiar African prints, she decided to bring a touch of Africa back with her, to share with you, our customers.  Each piece is handmade or hand-selected for your own unique ME2 experience. At M2 Designs we emulate grace and elegance. The beautiful people who adorn our styles are cultured, inspiring and appreciative of their experience. As a result, they are the best models we have.Thank you to every client who puts their trust in our hands. We appreciate your business and hope each day is full of beautiful moments